Glycerin WG 4x4 Liter

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Chemical Identification and Properties

  • Flash point: 147.2 °F (64 °C) at 101.325 kPa
  • Molecular formula: 51.8 °F (11 °C) Closed Cup
  • Vapor pressure: C-H4-O

Product Specifications

Assay on anhydrous basisEP/JP USP/FCC98.0 - 101.0% 99.0-101.0%
Identification A – Refractive Index Refractive IndexEP JP1.470-1.475@ 20°C NLT 1.470 @ 20°C
Identification Test A Identification B – Infrared Absorption Identification – Infrared AbsorptionUSP/FCC EP JPConforms to Reference Spectrum
Identification Test B - Limit of DEG and EG USPEthylene Glycol, NMT 0.1%
USPDiethylene Glycol, NMT 0.1%
Identification Test B Identification Test C - Gas ChromatographyFCC USPConforms to sample solution Conforms to Reference Chromatogram
Identification C - Relative Density Specific GravityEP JP1.258 - 1.268 NLT 1.258 @ 20°C
Appearance of SolutionEPTest solution is clear and colorless
Purity 1 – Color ColorJP USP/FCCNo more color than control Not darker than standard
Specific GravityUSP FCCNLT 1.249 @25°C NLT 1.259 @25°C
Acidity or AlkalinityEPNMT 0.2mL of 0.1M NaOH required
Purity 2 – Acidity or AlkalinityJPSolution is neutral
Purity 3 – ChlorideJPNMT 0.001%
Inorganic Impurities - Chloride and Sulfate (as Chloride) ChloridesUSP EPNMT 10ppm NMT 10ppm
Purity 4 – SulfateJPNMT 0.002%
Inorganic Impurities - Chloride and Sulfate (as Sulfate)USPNMT 20ppm
Purity 5 - AmmoniumJPTo pass test
Purity 6 – Heavy MetalsJPNMT 5 ppm
Inorganic Impurities - LeadFCCNMT 1 mg/kg
Purity 7 - CalciumJPTo pass test
Purity 8 – ArsenicJPNMT 2 ppm
Purity 9 - Acrolein, Glucose or other Reducing Substance JPTo pass test
Purity 10 - Fatty Acids and EstersJPNMT 3.0mL 0.1M NaOH consumed
Organic Impurities - Fatty Acids and EstersUSPNMT 1mL 0.5N NaOH consumed
Organic Impurities - Fatty Acids and EstersFCCNLT 4mL 0.5N HCl consumed
EstersEPNLT 8.0 mL 0.1M HCl required
Purity 11 – Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol and Related Substances Organic Impurities - Related Compounds JP USPIndividual ImpuritiesNMT 0.1%
Total ImpuritiesNMT 1.0%
Impurity A and Related SubstancesEPImpurity A – Diethylene Glycol0.1% max
Impurities with RT 0.1% max
Impurities with RT > C3H8O30.5% max
Purity 12 - Readily Carbonizable Substances Readily Carbonizable SubstancesJP FCCTo Pass Test
SugarsEPTo Pass Test
Organic Impurities – Limit of Chlorinated CompoundsUSPNMT 30ppm of Cl
Chlorinated Compounds (as Cl)FCCNMT 0.003%
Halogenated CompoundsEP35 ppm max.
Inorganic Impurities - Residue on Ignition Residue on Ignition Sulfated AshUSP/FCC JP EPNMT 0.01%
AldehydesEP10ppm max.
Water Water Determination Water WaterJP USP FCC EPNMT 2.0% NMT 5.0% NMT 1.0% NMT 2.0%

What's in the Box

  • Fiber Box
  • Recycled Molded Pulp Insert
  • 4 - Amber Glass 4L Bottles

Product Documentation

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Typical Lead Time

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Additional Information
Catalog No. 349WORLDCS4L
Chemical Code GLYCERINE
Base Unit of Measure CASE
Grade(s) WORLD
Proof 0
Wine Gallons 0
Proof Gallons 0
Gross Weight (lbs) 60.26
Net Weight (lbs) 43.8
Quantity Per Skid 36
NMFC Code 43940-02