n-Propyl Alcohol WG 55 Gl Dm

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Chemical Identification and Properties

  • Boiling point: 206.6 °F (97 °C)
  • Flash point: 75.2 °F (24 °C)
  • Molecular formula: C3-H8-O
  • Molecular weight: 60.1 g/mol
  • Vapor pressure: 28.2 hPa

Product Specifications

AssayFCCNLT 99.0% of C3H8O
Assay (by GC, corrected for water)ACSNLT 99.5%
Identification A – Refractive IndexEP FCC1.384 – 1.387 @ 20°C 1.383 – 1.388 @ 20°C
Identification B – Boiling Point EP96°C – 98°C
Identification C – Infrared Absorption Identification - Infrared AbsorptionEP FCCConforms to Reference Spectra
Identification DEPMeets Requirement of Test
Solubility in WaterACSTo pass test
Specific Gravity FCC0.800 – 0.805 @ 25°C
Color (APHA)ACS10 max
AppearanceEPClear and colorless
Residue after Evaporation Non-volatile MatterACS EP0.001% max 0.004% max
Acidity or AlkalinityEPThe solution is pink
Titrable AcidACS0.0004 meq/g max
Related Substances EPAny Impurity 0.1% max
Total Impurities0.3% max
Disregard Limit 0.01% max
Ethyl AlcoholACS0.01% max
MethanolACS0.01% max
Isopropyl AlcoholACS0.05% max
Carbonyl Compounds (as Propionaldehyde)ACS0.03% max
AbsorbanceEP230 nm0.300 max.
250 nm0.100 max.
270 nm0.030 max.
290 nm0.020 max.
310 nm0.010 max.
Reducing SubstancesEPTo Pass Test
WaterACS/EP0.2% max

What's in the Box

  • Black Metal Drum
  • 1 - 2" Bung
  • 1 - 3/4" Bung

Product Documentation

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Typical Lead Time

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Additional Information
Catalog No. 334WORLDDM55M
Base Unit of Measure DRUM
Grade(s) WORLD/GMP
Proof 0
Wine Gallons 0
Proof Gallons 0
Gross Weight (lbs) 403.857
Net Weight (lbs) 369.9
Quantity Per Skid 4
NMFC Code 43940-02