Methanol WG 5 Gl Poly Pail

Item No. 339WORLDPL05
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Chemical Identification and Properties

  • Boiling point: 147.2 °F (64 °C) at 101.325 kPa
  • Flash point: 51.8 °F (11 °C) Closed Cup
  • Molecular formula: C-H4-O
  • Molecular weight: 32.04 g/mol
  • Vapor pressure: 130.3 hPa

Product Specifications

Assay (corrected for water)ACS99.8% min
Assay NFNLT 99.5%
AppearanceACS+To Pass Test
AppearanceEP/BP+Clear, colorless liquid
Identification A (Infrared Absorption)NFTo Pass Test
Identification B (Infrared Absorption)EP/BPTo Pass Test
Identification A (Refractive Index)EP/BP1.328-1.330 @20°C
Identification B (GC Analysis)NFTo Pass Test
Relative DensityEP/BP0.791 – 0.793@20°C
Acidity NF+NMT 0.45mL 0.020N NaOH required
Alkalinity (as NH4) NF+NMT 0.20mL 0.020N H2SO4 required (3 ppm max)
Acidity or alkalinityEP/BP+NMT 0.90mL 0.01M NaOH required
Titrable AcidACS+0.0003 meq/g max.
Titrable BaseACS+0.0002 meq/g max.
Readily Carbonizable SubstancesNF+To Pass Test
Acetone 0.001% max
Carbonyl CompoundsACSFormaldehyde 0.001% max
Acetaldehyde 0.001% max
Acetone and Aldehydes (as Acetone)NF+NMT 0.003%
Readily Oxidizable SubstancesNF+To Pass Test
Non -Volatile ResidueNF+NMT 2mg (0.001% w/w)
EP/BP+NMT 10ppm
Residue on EvaporationACS+0.001% max
Substances Reducing PermanganateACS+To Pass Test
Substances Darkened by Sulfuric AcidACS+To Pass Test
Reducing SubstancesEP/BP+To Pass Test
Solubility in WaterACS+To Pass Test
Color (APHA)ACS10 max
230nm0.15 max.
250nm0.05 max.
AbsorbanceEP/BP270nm0.02 max.
290nm0.01 max.
Absorption curve between 230nm – 290nm is smooth
Impurity A - BenzeneEP/BPNMT 2 ppm
Impurity B - EthanolEP/BPLot Analysis
Impurity C - AcetoneEP/BPLot Analysis
Any Impurity NMT 0.1%
Related SubstancesEP/BPTotal Impurities NMT 0.3%
Any Impurity <50ppm to be discarded
WaterACS/NF/ EP/BPNMT 0.1%

What's in the Box

  • White Round Poly Pail
  • Flexspout

Product Documentation

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Typical Lead Time

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Additional Information
Catalog No. 339WORLDPL05
Chemical Code METHANOL
Base Unit of Measure PAIL
Grade(s) WORLD/GMP
Proof 0
Wine Gallons 0
Proof Gallons 0
Gross Weight (lbs) 35.87
Net Weight (lbs) 33
Quantity Per Skid 36
NMFC Code 44500-02