SIS C-1 200 Prf 4x1 Gl Flur

Item No. 1250C1200CSGF
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Chemical Identification and Properties

  • Boiling point: 176 °F (80 °C)
  • Flash point: 55.4-62.6 °F (13-17 °C) Closed Cup
  • Vapor pressure: 44.6 mm Hg

Product Specifications

Ethanol90.49% (v/v) ± 0.45%
Methyl Alcohol4.52% (v/v) ± 0.23%
Ethyl Acetate4.04% (v/v) ± 0.20%
MIBK0.95% (v/v) ± 0.05%
Apparent Specific Gravity0.7968 – 0.8004 @ 15.56°C
Acidity (as acetic acid)NMT 0.003% (wt/wt)
AppearanceClear, Free of Suspended Matter
Color (Pt-Co)5 Max.

What's in the Box

  • Fiber Box
  • Cardboard Bottle Dividers
  • 4 - Fluorinated Poly Gallon Bottles

Requirements to Buy

  • Special Industrial Solvents are general-use formulas that require no permit to purchase, but must be used in accordance with 27 CFR Part 20 Subpart F. Please refer to our disclaimer for more details.

Product Documentation

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Typical Lead Time

  • 3 business days
Additional Information
Catalog No. 1250C1200CSGF
Base Unit of Measure CASE
Grade(s) NA
Proof 200
Wine Gallons 4
Proof Gallons 0
Gross Weight (lbs) 30
Net Weight (lbs) 26.6
Quantity Per Skid 36
NMFC Code 44500-02