Sorbitol Solutions 70% Drum

Item No. ZF854000USPDM55
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Chemical Identification and Properties

  • Flash point: 96.8 °F (36 °C)
  • Molecular formula: -56.2 °F (-49 °C) Closed Cup
  • Molecular weight: C5-H12

Product Specifications

Identification Test A USP/FCCA deep pink or wine-red color appears
Identification Test BUSP/FCCThe retention time of the major peak of the Sample solution corresponds to that of the Standard solution, as obtained in the Assay.
Identification C. Limit of Diethylene Glycol and Ethylene GlycolUSPDiethylene glycol: NMT 0.10% Ethylene glycol: NMT 0.10%
Assay (as C6H14O6)USP/FCCNLT 64.0%
Inorganic Impurities - Residue on IgnitionUSP/FCCNMT 0.1%, calculated on the anhydrous basis, determined on a 2g portion
Inorganic Impurities - Limit of NickelUSP/FCCNMT 1 ppm, calculated on the anhydrous basis
Organic Impurities – Reducing SugarsUSP/FCCNMT 0.3% of reducing sugars, on the anhydrous basis
pHUSP/FCC5.0 – 7.5, in a 14% (w/w) solution of Sorbitol Solution in carbon dioxide-free water
WaterUSP/FCC28.5% - 31.5%

What's in the Box

  • Blue Poly Drum
  • 2 - 2" Bungs

Product Documentation

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Typical Lead Time

  • 2-3 weeks
Additional Information
Catalog No. ZF854000USPDM55
Base Unit of Measure DRUM
Grade(s) USP
Proof 0
Wine Gallons 0
Proof Gallons 0
Gross Weight (lbs) 622
Net Weight (lbs) 600
Quantity Per Skid 4